The course is addressed to both PhD and MSc students and it is aimed at providing the first bases on the computational framework known as the lattice Boltzmann Method.

The course is practically oriented to the development of computational codes useful to solve easy engineering problems. A set of video-lessons will be given to students together with the slides used during the course.

During the course all the main pros and cons of the proposed method will be highlighted with mainly referring to 2-Dimensional applications. Different aspects of the Computational Fluid Dynamics will be analysed with referring to the chosen framework with emphasizing some comparisons with the traditional solvers.

The course structure is the one listed below:


The Boltzmann Equation

Equilibrium Distribution Function

Isothermal Incompressible Fluid Flows

Boundary Conditions

Flow Over Obstacles

External Forces

Multiphase Flows

Non-Isothermal Incompressible Fluid Flows

From Physical World to LBM and Vice-versa

Theoretical lessons 4h of videos .

All the lessons will be given in English.