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119378 - Tecnologie di trasformazione e conservazione dei prodotti di origine animale

DAFNE - Tecnologie per la gestione sostenibile dei sistemi zootecnici

Course held in a.y.



Animal Husbandry



Course syllabus

- Bovine and sheep milk. Chemical composition; drinking milk; thermal and technological treatments (pasteurization, sterilization and special treatments); the cheese-making process by rennet and acid coagulation. Production of milk derivatives.

- Meat. Fresh meat preservation technologies (refrigeration, freezing); beef and pork processing technologies; innovative cooking techniques at low temperature.

- Eggs and egg products. Egg composition; shell, albumen and yolk; freshness parameters; commodity classes; egg preservation and processing technologies; egg products production technologies and related application sectors.

Texts and materials

- Lecture notes
- Igiene e tecnologie degli alimenti di origine animale di Colavita. Editore: Le Point Veterinaire

Instruction mode

The lessons will be both theoretical and practical and will favor the active participation so that students can acquire and apply, with advanced and specialized skills, the management of industrial food processes and, at the same time, be able to carry out self-learning activities in the classroom and in the laboratory.



Methods of assessment

Final exam: oral discussion on different topics
The determination of the final grade will take into account: the level of knowledge of the contents demonstrated (superficial, appropriate, precise and complete, complete and in-depth), the ability to apply theoretical concepts (fair, good, well-established), the ability to analyze , of synthesis and interdisciplinary connections (sufficient, good, excellent), of the capacity for critical sense and formulation of judgments (sufficient, good, excellent), of the mastery of expression (lack of exposition, simple, clear and correct, safe and correct).

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